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Jiulong Yousheng office Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Since the establishment In 2000, Jiulong Yousheng Office Furniture Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of humanized, personalized and Internationalized office furniture, with creating the active, efficient and civilized office environment as its mission.

The company deeply understands the need of customer and constantly adjusts the strategy of market management, so as to provide the high quality product and service with price far less than Its value to the customers.

In order to better provide the customers with pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service, the company has set up offices in the capital Beijing, Xlanghe in Hebei, Shanghai, Zhengzhou in He nan, Wuhan in Hubei, Chengdu In Sichuan, Likou In Suzhou, Kunming In Yunnan, Van In Shanxi, Shenyang in Llaoning, and established a group of highly qualified sales, Installment and service team.

In recent years, the company has received the'Quality trustworthy unit' Issued by China Light Industry Product Quality Guarantee Center and is selected as"Guangdong Furniture Association Member","Director of Guangzhou Furniture Association","China's manufacturing network Certification Supplier"etc, has passed and implemented ISO-9001:2000 International Quality Certification and Management.


The company adheres to the management philosophy of "Unity, efficiency, Innovation, pragmatics" and business philosophy of"High quality service, win with quality", with the concerted effort of all staff,"Jiulong Yousheng'Office Furniture brand has got the recognition of market and confirmation of customer, we will not be satisfied with the status,will carry on the past and open up a way for future and develop and improve, continue to goon the road of creating national brand of China's office furniture.

Quality service and quality win

3. honor comes from customers' praise, and customers have our development.

5. spread the brand throughout the world and enter the international market.

4. strengthening management, pursuing excellence, striving for excellence and striving for first class.

2. good products, good ideas, based on sustainable development.

1. innovation and pursuit of leadership is our belief.


Design, the first driving force for development!

Design is the first driving force for Kowloon's success. Frankly speaking, we are still in the process of continuous learning. We still have a long way to go to tap the original wisdom, lead the design trend, but we have not stopped moving towards this goal, and have paid considerable efforts and costs for it.

In terms of product production, Kowloon Yongsheng has found a good way to manage craftsman-type skilled workers, control product quality efficiently and cheaply, and maintain the production background of high cost-effective products. This will greatly help us to turn good products into high-level market value, so as to enable more sellers to achieve success. Long.

De-industrialization is the direction that many manufacturers have been chasing. Kowloon Yongsheng naturally very much hopes that its products will control the quality and cost carefully under the modern industrial means, without losing the handicraft and humanistic value of the products. Therefore, in the process of choice and improvement, we have been focusing on the user experience of the enjoyable scale, refuse to be cold, give products in the industrial age to release the warmth of the original ecological way of life.