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Office chair maintenance tips

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Office chairs refer to all kinds of chairs for daily work and social activities. It includes large class chairs, middle class chairs, reception chairs, staff chairs, conference chairs, visitor chairs, training chairs and so on.
How can the office chair be maintained in order to extend its service life? The following tengye furniture teaches you how to maintain the cleaning methods of several main office chairs.
1. large class office chairs
Please keep indoor ventilation so as not to be too dry or damp.
Leather absorbability is strong. Please pay attention to antifouling.
Once a week, dry with clean towels and dry with a dry towel.
(4) If there is a stain on the leather, you can use foamed cotton stained with special cleanser to wipe, and do not use strong cleaning products to clean the leather.
_If a drink is knocked over in a chair, it should be sucked and dried immediately with a clean cloth or sponge, and wiped with a wet cloth so that it dries naturally. Do not blow-dry it with a hair dryer.
If there are stains on the steel chair frame, in order to maintain its luster, it can be cleaned with clean dry cloth. In case of stubborn stains, you can spray a small amount of pearl on its surface, and then wipe it with flannelette to make it shine as new.
2, cloth office chair
Fabrics most commonly used in chairs and sofas, with their comfortable touch and rich colors, make traditional furniture more diverse. The common maintenance method of cloth chair is when stained with dust, sand and other dry dirt, as long as gently pat off or vacuum cleaner can be, as for granulated sand, you can use a brush to brush inward, but can not use a hard brush to avoid damaging cloth surface. If you are touched with beverages, juice, etc., you can first wipe off the water with a towel, then wipe it with a warm water-soluble neutral detergent, and then use a clean soft cloth to dry it.
3. leather office chairs
Leather has good heat resistance, moisture resistance and ventilation characteristics, coupled with the non-directional nature of the leather fiber, whether flat, hanging can show uniform flexibility, and the dyeing of the leather is not easy to fade, and has elegant color, excellent touch and bright appearance. But how to maintain the attractive appearance of genuine leather products? General maintenance as long as the use of clean and soft cloth can be gently wiped, if the long-term production of dirt, the most ideal way to clean is to use warm water diluted neutral cleaner (1% - 3%) first wipe, then wipe clean liquid with a wrung-dry water cloth, finally dry cloth polish, and then use appropriate amount of skin after drying. Wipe the skin care agent evenly.
4. office chair cleaning liquid recommended products
Cleaning and maintenance: Blue Bead maintenance spray, magic field cleaning solution.
To maintain gloss: Bi pearl light agent, magic field smooth maintenance liquid, quick bright furniture care wax.
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